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Energy statistics training based on the most complete global datasets

Background information

The IEA is the leading international authority for energy statistics. Over the past 40 years, it has developed and introduced methods for gathering, collating and analysing energy-related data, resulting in the most complete global datasets. The IEA sets the standards for monitoring and reporting energy statistics, and the training it offers on methods and tools is the most relevant, comprehensive and internationally recognised.

IEA’s credentials – why learn with us?

Energy statistics are the foundation for developing sound national energy policies as they pinpoint where interventions are required and what options are available. The pressures and complexities of international energy markets, combined with the imperatives of global issues such as climate change, oblige countries to understand and conform to international conventions in monitoring and reporting. The job of an energy statistician is more complex than ever and requires the ability to ensure the quality, consistency and compatibility of energy data.

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