Energy and Emissions per Value Added Database

Sectoral value-added data and energy efficiency indicators for all OECD and 100 non-OECD countries

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Value added data is the basis for analysing how economies are structured, and to develop sectoral energy intensity indicators – useful to monitor trends in the economic efficiency of various activities, as a complement to data based on physical indicators.

The IEA has developed the current database to provide the most complete coverage of sectoral value-added data, at current and constant prices, and associated energy efficiency indicators. This database merges value added data from three databases (OECD and UNSD National accounts, and OECD Trade in Value Added - TiVA) with IEA energy data.

The value-added data is published up to 2-digits for 99 ISIC (Internal Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities) Rev.4 divisions and 34 aggregated divisions for all OECD countries, from year 2000 to year 2021, and will be updated at least once a year.

The data also covers 100 non-OECD countries and 12 country groups, offering sub-sectoral data for 3 ISIC Rev.4 divisions (2-digits) for 64 non-OECD countries. For more aggregated data, the coverage increases to 88 countries and 20 of the 21 ISIC Rev.4 sections.


  • 31/03/2023

    March 2023