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CCUS Legal and Regulatory Database

Database of laws and regulations that support a framework for CCUS development


Successful deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) relies on the establishment of legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure the effective stewardship of CCUS activities and the safe and secure storage of CO2. Several countries have already developed comprehensive legal and regulatory frameworks for CCUS. These form a valuable knowledge base for the growing number of countries that have identified a role for CCUS in meeting their climate goals.  


The IEA CCUS legal and regulatory database provides examples of legislative approaches to CCUS from around the world. It is organised by priority issues impacting CCUS activities - such as permitting and authorisation or long-term liability - across various regions, countries and states/ provinces. Where applicable, the base legislation from which the relevant law or regulation is derived is referenced and linked.

The database supports Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for CCUS: An IEA CCUS Handbook, a resource on establishing and updating legal and regulatory frameworks for CCUS. The Handbook identifies priority issues that frameworks should address for CCUS deployment, presenting global case studies and examining how different jurisdictions have approached these issues.

Acknowledgements and disclaimer

The IEA would like to thank the SciencesPo University Legal Clinic for undertaking substantial research and analysis to support this database.

Disclaimer: This database is intended to be a resource of CCUS legal and regulatory approaches. Though comprehensive, the database is not meant to be an exhaustive catalogue of all legislation and regulation related to CCUS, nor is it meant to stand in place of the cited legislation. As such, users should consult the original legislation linked in the entries for further information.