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Energy Technology RD&D Budgets Data Explorer

Detailed breakdown of public budgets on energy RD&D submitted to the IEA by its member and association countries

The explorer displays public budgets on energy RD&D submitted to the IEA by its member or association countries. The data is available in the IEA Energy Technology RD&D Budgets database, which is updated twice a year in May and October.

To find more information on the definition of energy RD&D as well as the definition of each of the technology categories in the explorer, please refer to the IEA Guide to Reporting Energy RD&D Budgets/Expenditures Statistics. To find more information on the geographical and time coverage, details on each of the countries datasets and definitions of the products, please refer to the database documentation.

NC = national currency.

The IEA aggregates include estimates when data points are missing. European Union refers to the European Union budget under Horizon 2020 and the Innovation Fund, and not to the sum of national budgets of European Union member countries. The large increase in 2009 is in large part due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) budgeted by the United States in that year.

While the database contains data for many countries as far back as 1974, the lengths of the time axes are automatically adjusted to the available data for a given data selection.

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