Paris Time Webinar

11th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting Pre-Event: A holistic approach to low emission energy systems through sector integration

Background information

This open event will bring together ongoing and upcoming CEM work from various perspectives, looking at power system integration enabled by digitalization and new technologies for power system flexibility – such as electric mobility and distributed storage. The focus of the discussion will be on key policy support, including market design, multi-stakeholder coordination, cross-sectoral approaches.

From CEM, this includes the Power System Flexibility Campaign, the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) and the work of the Horizontal Accelerator for EV Integration. Also, during the CEM PSF-ISGAN joint side event, the honorees of the ISGAN Award of Excellence will be announced and presented. The 2020 ISGAN Award of Excellence recognizes exemplars in the field of smart grids with a special focus on “Digitalization Enabling Consumer Empowerment”. Our goal is gathering a variety of stakeholders in a collaborative environment to express their thoughts, opinions, and perspectives for advancing the emerging power systems of tomorrow while exchanging on future areas of opportunity with representatives from leading companies in the private sector.

Experts and participants from the CEM EVI and 21CPP will also be invited to participate and contribute to the event.

Webinar's recording

The organisation of this event was made possible through the Clean Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies programme, which received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952363.

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