06 - 07 Oct 2022 Workshop — PARIS, France

9th Annual EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop A Window into the Global Energy Transition


Two years into the “decade of action” to achieve international climate objectives, there is greater appetite from governments and industry to take bolder action on decarbonisation. Ensuring a resilient and decarbonised power system will require rethinking how power markets work to ensure sufficient investment in new technologies.   

This year’s EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop takes a snapshot of our current moment in the energy transition. The workshop will take an in-depth look at how leading policymakers and energy stakeholders are adapting to address today’s biggest challenges, such as record energy prices and the need for security of supply as well as bright spots such as emerging technologies and emerging approaches to drive investment in clean energy. Over the course of two days, high-level speakers will address topics including: 

  • Imperative of security of supply and resilience 
  • Future proofing market design 
  • Emerging technologies 
  • The challenges and solutions of seasonal variability 
  • Innovative strategies to accelerate investment in decarbonisation 

The EPRI-IEA Challenges in Decarbonisation Workshop series brings together leading experts from government, academia, think-tanks and the private sector from around the world to share experiences relating to decarbonising the electricity system. Participants identify barriers and opportunities for the sector and discuss best practices from various approaches to decarbonisation in different jurisdictions. Past workshops have included deep dives into a diverse set of topics such as near-term market structure, long-term decarbonisation pathways, supply resiliency, and end-use electrification opportunities.