Workshop — Paris, France

Automation, connectivity, electrification, and sharing (ACES): transforming road transport services


The International Energy Agency (IEA) is undertaking a new project on the future of road transport and the implications of automation, connectivity, electrification, and sharing (ACES), following up on its first comprehensive report on Digitalization & Energy. This new project will explore the potential trajectories and impacts of these transformations and aims to provide policy insights to steer developments that advance energy, climate, air quality, and other socioeconomic objectives. The key output of the project will be a policy insights publication, as well as enhancing the modelling capabilities of the IEA Mobility Model.

Workshop Summary

To solicit strategic and expert input to the analysis, the IEA convened an expert workshop (13 June) and modelling meeting (14 June) to gather a select group of leading experts and decision makers from industry, academia, government, and civil society. Participants discussed and debated key questions and issues around the future of road transport.


Final Agenda and List of Participants

Welcome and workshop objectives

Laszlo VARRO  |  IEA
Pierpaolo CAZZOLA  |  IEA

1. The future of autonomous vehicles

Tom VOEGE  |  International Transport Forum (ITF)  [Moderator]
ZHANG Xu  |  DiDi
Bryant WALKER SMITH‌  |  University of South Carolina
Hervé CLAUSS  |  TomTom  |  Videos on cloud-based maps; EV services; autonomous driving
François GUICHARD  |  UNECE‌

2. Synergies between automation, sharing, and electrification

Lew FULTON  |  University of California, Davis  [Moderator]
Alan CLARKE  |  Uber
Donna CHEN‌  |  University of Virginia
Mathieu BERNASCONI‌  |  car2go‌

3. Implications for modal choice and urban form

Zia WADUD  |  University of Leeds  [Moderator]
Mihai CHIRCA  |  International Association of Public Transport (UITP)
Clément DUPONT-ROC  |  Renault Group
Krista HUHTALA-JENKS‌  |  MaaS Global
Emily C. WARREN  |  Lime‌

Keynote: Focusing on AV use in the status quo tax, regulatory, and ownership frameworks

‌‌Robin CHASE  |  Co-founder of Zipcar and Veniam  |  Video on the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

4. Policy priorities

Lucy YU  |  FiveAI  [Moderator]
Naohisa HASHIMOTO  |  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Zoi SAGIA‌  |  European Commission DG Connect
Suzanne HOADLEY  |  Polis Network
Robin CHASE  |  Shared Mobility Principles‌


Final Agenda‌ [pdf]

Welcome and introduction to the Mobility Model (MoMo)

Jacob TETER‌  |  IEA

1. Surveys

Clément DUPONT-ROC  |  Renault Group
Sebastian HORL  |  ETH Zurich

2. Microsimulations

Panagiotis ANGELOUDIS‌  |  Imperial College London

3. Cost comparisons

Zia WADUD  |  University of Leeds
Lew FULTON‌  |  UC Davis

4. Modelling energy and emissions impacts

Zia WADUD‌  |  University of Leeds
  |  NREL
  |  BP