Workshop — Helsinki, Finland

CEM - EVI Pilot City Forum 2018


Noting that cities will be amongst the first movers in EV implementation, one of the main pillars of the EV30@30 Campaign has been the development of the EVI Global EV Pilot City Programme (PCP). This aims to create a global platform to facilitate communications and cooperation among leading global cities interested in stimulating and increasing the uptake of electric mobility within their jurisdictions..

The PCP was launched at the 9th meeting of the Clean Energy Ministerial on 24 May 2018. The first edition of the Pilot City Forum took place back to back with the Clean Energy Ministerial in Helsinki (Finland) on 28-29 May 2018.

Debrief Report



Welcome and Opening  |  Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki, City of Helsinki
EVI, EV30@30, Pilot City Programme (PCP) and the GEF project  |  Pierpaolo Cazzola, IEA
Insights on EVs from the Global EV Outlook 2018 and the Nordic EV Outlook 2018  |  Pierpaolo Cazzola, IEA
Finnish transport policies and implications for electric mobility  |  Laura Eiro, Ministry of Transport and Communications
Transport planning in Helsinki: implications for the uptake of urban mobility, Helsinki Region  |  Reetta Putkonen, City of Helsinki
New energy vehicle policies: developments in Rugao city  |  Zhao Hongxiang, Vice Mayor, Rugao Municipal Government

Breakout session: Part 1: Finnish and Nordic experience


Moderator: Mikko Pihlatie, VTT
Status of electric mobility in Norway  |  Svend Söyland (Nordic Energy Research)
EV charging equipment  |  Juha Stenberg (Ensto)
Intelligent electric networks |  Rami Syväri (Fortum)
Drive Now and other MaaS business  |  Sonja Heikkilä (OP)
Adopters of electric vehicles in Sweden: Attitudes, need for measures, and rebound effects  |  Annika Nordlund (Umeå University)

Commercial vehicles and buses

Moderator: Reetta Putkonen, City of Helsinki
Strategy on Electrification of Urban Buses  |  Reijo Mäkinen (Helsinki Region Transport)
Electric buses – an emerging business  |  Henrik Mikkola (VDL)
Transition to emission free electric bus operation in cities  |  Tom Granvik (Linkker)
The next step – migrating to electric operation in a competitive environment  |  Martin Atterhall (Nobina Europe AB)
Electrification of mobile machinery and public maintenance  |  Sami Aherva (City of Helsinki, Stara)

Breakout session – Part 2: International experiences


Moderator: Jin Yong, SIAC
Facilitating public charging infrastructure and other options for charging  |  Pieter Looijestijn (Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam)
Heading towards 20% of Dundee's taxi fleet 100% EV  |  Fraser Crichton (Dundee, UK)
EVCARD: better sharing, better city  |  Jin Yong (SIAC and Global Car Sharing)
Proposed installation of public charging facilities for promoting electric vehicles  |  Nobuhiro Ito (Aichi Prefecture, Japan)
Charging infrastructure and light electric vehicle growth in New Zealand  |  James Cozens (ChargeNet NZ)

Commercial vehicles and buses

Moderator: Pierpaolo Cazzola, IEA
Zero emission urban bus systems  |  Umberto Guida (UITP)
Electrifying urban buses in the EU: the OEM perspective |  Isbrand Ho (BYD)
PAYS for clean transport: Leveraging the power sector to drive investment in EVs  |  Holmes Hummel (Clean Energy Works)
Electrification of urban logistics  |  Paolo Ferraresi (Niinivirta European Cargo)
Trends in car and commercial vehicle charging  |  Jeroen Heggelman (ABB)