Event — Katowice, Poland

Clean transition in industry

Time: 16:15 - 17:30

The decarbonisation of industrial processes will be key to achieving ambitious climate goals. A variety of sustainable strategies from resource efficiency to process technology innovation will be needed to support the clean transition of key energy-intensive sectors. This event will bring together experts from government, research and industry to discuss the role of industrial innovation and international collaboration in meeting climate objectives.


 Presentations followed by a panel discussion


  • Andrew Prag, Head of Environment and Climate Change Unit, IEA


  • The materials and clean energy transition nexus - Araceli Fernandez, Senior Energy Technology Analyst, Energy Technology and Policy Division, IEA
  • Materials forthe clean energy transition: innovation, the cornerstone of change
    • The case of steel – Andrew Purvis, Director, Safety, Health and Environment, Worldsteel Association
    • The case of cement – Fábio Cirilo, Ecoefficiency Consultant, Cimentos Votorantim
    • The case of chemicals – Tara Nitz, Department of Energy, Climate Protection and Raw Materials,  German Chemical Industry Association – VCI

Panel discussion topics

  • What is holding back an accelerated clean energy transition in the industrial sector?
  • Which mechanisms and initiatives could help overcome these challenges?
  • What lessons can be learned from governments, industry and society about the effectiveness of existing approaches?
  • How can the industrial sector support the clean energy transition in other sectors of the economy?


Concluding remarks by moderator

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Agenda: Clean Transition in IndustryPresentation: Steel and CO2, Andrew Purvis, World Steel Assoc.Presentation: Clean Transition in Industry, Araceli Fernandez, IEAPresentation: Cement, Fabio Cirilo, Votorantim Cimentos