Workshop — Paris, France

Energy Efficiency Indicators Workshop


The purpose of this workshop is to share information about best practices relating to indicators development and their use from a policy-making, analytical and statistical point of view. It will also be an opportunity to review the progress and discuss the path forward for the development of energy efficiency indicators. The workshop constitutes a unique forum that will bring together policy makers, analysts and statisticians from all around the world to discuss and share experiences on the following topics: 

  • What are the new developments and activities to ensure the relevance, harmonisation and promotion of energy efficiency data and indicators?
  • What are the best practices for the development of policy-relevant indicators?
  • What changes, if any, should be implemented to the IEA Energy Indicators Database to ensure it remains a good support for data collection, indicators analysis and policy development?
  • How the two forthcoming IEA publications, Manual on Statistics for Energy Efficiency Indicators and Manual on Analysis of Energy Efficiency Indicators, can be applied to support development of indicators?

The workshop will be relevant for all parties in both IEA Member and non-Member countries interested in energy efficiency.

A detailed agenda of the workshop will be circulated in April. Drafts of the two forthcoming Manuals on Energy Efficiency will also be circulated to the participants by the end of May. As we did in 2012, we will be counting on your comments and suggestions before the workshop in order to feed part of the discussion on the Manuals during the workshop itself.

Moreover, we would like to make the workshop as interactive as possible and a two-way process between the Secretariat and participants. As a consequence, should you have any particular topics you would like to raise (or present) let us know for taking it into account when finalizing the Agenda.

Final Agenda


Welcome remarks
Amb. Richard Jones, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency

Welcome remarks
Jean-François Gagné, Head of Energy Technology Policy Division
Jean-Yves Garnier, Head of Energy Data Centre

Session 4: Development of tools to support the development of energy efficiency indicators

Chair: Robert Tromop, Head of Energy Efficiency Unit

Data collection for energy and activity statistics – the Energy Statistics Compiler Manual
Karen Treanton, International Energy Agency (in collaboration with the United Nations Statistics Division)

Current status of the Eurostat project on final energy consumption in household in the EU
Roeland Mertens, Eurostat

Savings calculation standard as a tool for international evaluation
Piet Boonekamp, ECN, Netherlands

IEA Energy Efficiency Manuals
Roberta Quadrelli/Nathalie Trudeau, International Energy Agency

Round table discussion: The IEA Manuals