Workshop — Paris, France

ETP 2020: Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Innovation

The International Energy Agency is hosting a high-level workshop entitled “ETP-2020: Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Innovation” on Wednesday, 18 December 2019, in Paris, France, in order to inform its analysis for the 2020 edition of the Energy Technologies Perspectives (ETP).

The ETP series has for more than a decade contributed to global energy and environmental policymaking. To further strengthen its relevance to decision-makers in governments and industry, the IEA has decided to revamp the publication and release a new edition in June 2020 with the objective to become a “world’s guidebook on clean energy technologies”.

A cleaner and more secure energy sector will require the use of energy technologies that are still in the lab today or at early stages of deployment. But technology transitions take time: for example, solar PV or batteries took decades to be commercialised and become competitive in the market place. The 2020 edition of ETP will analyse how past experiences can help design more effective policies for innovation and RD&D prioritisation with a view to governments’ efforts for reaching their long-term energy objectives, including for a cost-effective transition to net-zero emissions while enhancing energy security.

The workshop convenes a select group of key experts and high-level decision-makers from academia, governments and industry to give strategic direction to ETP-2020. The workshop will be informal in nature and held under the Chatham House Rule. Attendance is by invitation only.