EU4Energy Policy Forum: Phasing Out Energy Subsidies, Demand Restraint, and Fuel Switching


Energy resource-rich EU4Energy countries are emerging as important contributors to global energy supplies and to world energy security. The region has significantly expanded its oil and gas exports to international markets, while the region’s hydropower export potential remains largely untapped. Region however is surrounded by mature or large emerging markets, with ample possibilities of absorbing new export volumes from the region. Energy security for net exporters therefore include emerging interest in eliminating the vaseful use of energy and making available additional export volumes and to net importers eliminating the import dependence by maximising energy efficiency gains potential and encouraging larger scale deployment of clean energy technologies.

The three-day event in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan will look into wide variety of energy security related topics, supporting discussions in Focus Countries to tailor make policies for reaching national targets.


SESSION 1: Data on Energy Subsidies

Evidence on Energy Prices in the EU4Energy Focus Countries

SESSION 2: Energy Efficiency and Energy Subsidies

Energy Efficiency in the context of Subsidy Reform

SESSION 3: Common Challenges

Discussions & questions


Tariffs and subsidies in Kyrgyzstan

SESSION 4: International best practices

Best Practices and SDGs

Public policies for restructuring the coal sector - Polish case study

SESSION 5: Energy Subsidy Reform Scenarios

Country cases


SESSION 1: Communications and Subsidies

Building Public Support for Energy Subsidy Reform

SESSION 2: Country Case Studies & Subsidies Wrap-up

Ukraine: Phasing Out Energy Price Subsidies

Energy subsidies in Belarus (English/ Russian)

Conclusions from subsidy reform sessions

SESSION 3: How to read an energy balance

Exercice (English/ Russian)

Answers (English/ Russian)

SESSION 4: Saving Electricity in  a Hurry

Interactive presentation on techniques to mobilize consumers to conserve energy during electricity shortfalls

SESSION 1: Oil and Gas Supply Security



SESSION 2: Storage and Fuel Switching Issues

Future Cost of Electricity Storage

Fuel switching in Kazakhstan

Ukraine: perspectives of building up minimum oil stocks_Rus

Moldova: storage and fuel switching

SESSION 3: Data for Energy Security

Assessment Framework