Paris Time Workshop

EV charging and grid integration tool: workshop for Latin America and Caribbean


The IEA is strongly engaged in global energy transitions and in helping countries ensure electricity security, which enables to decarbonise other sectors through electrification of new end uses. In road transport, the shift to electric mobility is ongoing but to meet our climate goals the pace needs to accelerate in parallel with decarbonising electricity. Fortunately, electric mobility is an opportunity for the power sector thanks to the flexibility of charging. On the other hand, drivers’ range anxiety slows down the uptake of EVs. Addressing this concern requires deploying a range of charging solutions and ensuring seamless integration in the power system.

Under the Global project to Support Countries with the Shift to Electric Mobility, the IEA has developed a manual for policy makers on grid integration of EVs and a companion interactive web tool to assess the impact of EV charging on the power system.

During this workshop dedicated to the Latin America and Caribbean platform, the two products will be presented as a prelude to a conversation about grid integration of EV with participants.