Conference — Paris, France

Global Summit on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions

The IEA Global Summit on People-Centred and Inclusive Transitions will provide a platform for ministers, policymakers, labour leaders from the IEA Clean Energy Labour Council, CEOs, youth representatives, indigenous voices and other international experts to engage in vital discussions about some of the most pressing socio-economic issues at the heart of fair and inclusive energy transitions. 

The Summit’s discussions will explore key challenges and opportunities to deliver a clean and just energy transition, including jobs and skills, worker protection, social and economic development, equality, social inclusion and fairness, and public participation. 

Attendance is by invitation only. All sessions of this event will be livestreamed on this page and across all IEA digital platforms. 


09:00-9:45 Opening remarks: Seizing the Opportunity for Fair and Inclusive Clean Energy Transitions 

9:45-11:30 Session 1: Responding to Shifting Labour Dynamics

Exploring the transforming labour market, key opportunities for decent job creation, skills development and inclusive workforce pathways.

11:50-12:50 Session 2: Advancing Gender Equality 

Exchanging best practices to address gender gaps in energy access, workforce development, entrepreneurship and education.  

13:50-15:20 Session 3: Designing Policies to Maximise Positive Social Impacts  

Discussing clean energy policy design to ensure that benefits are maximised and fairly distributed amongst all segments of the population. 

15:40-17:10 Session 4: Engaging People as Active Participants

Exploring mechanisms and strategies to engage all parts of society to build public support for clean energy transitions. 

17:10-17:30 Concluding remarks