Hydrogen Technology Roadmap Asia Workshop


The International Energy Agency held its 3rd regional workshop for the development of a Technology Roadmap on Hydrogen on June 26-27, 2014, in the Yamanashi Prefecture close to Mount Fuji and the Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Centre of Yamanashi University.  This workshop was organised with stakeholder input from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in Japan.


‌DAY 1:

Opening of the workshop

IEA Roadmap Vision/Scope/Structure/Process, IEA
Cecilia Tam, IEA

Objectives/Role of H2 Roadmap/ Expected Outcomes of Workshops
Alex Körner, IEA

Japan’s Policy on Hydrogen Energy
Chihiro Tobe, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Transportation – Fuel cell vehicle technology and market introduction

Fuel cell vehicle demonstration projects – Lessons learned
Yoichi Sone, General Manager, FCV/Infrastructure Technology Dep.HySUT

FCV development of Toyota
Seiji Sano, Toyota

FCV development of Nissan
Takuya Hasegawa, Nissan

FCV development of Honda
Kazunori Watanabe, Honda

Fuel Cell development in Korea
Jonghee Han, KIST

Hydrogen infrastructure – Regional roadmaps for H2 transmission and delivery

Recent development for H2 Station in Japan
Toshio Waku, JX Nippon Oil & Energy

Hydrogen Industry and Association of Korea
Junbom Kim, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association

Supply for hydrogen

Possible sources in the near term
Haruki Motegi, Mizuho Information & Research Institute

Possible sources and associated costs in the long term
Masaharu Sasakura, Research and Development Division IAE

Imported hydrogen
Yoshimi Okada, Chiyoda Corporation

Towards greener hydrogen production in China
Tiejun Zhao, CAS Key Laboratory of Low-Carbon Conversion Science & Engineering

Fuel cell micro CHP in residential applications

Lessons learned from the micro CHP project in Japan
Yuji Nagata, Toshiba FCP

Ulsan hydrogen town
Junbom Kim, Vice President, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association

Power generator with  Hydrogen fuel

CO2 Free Energy Supply Chain to Japan with Liquid Hydrogen-included Hydrogen power station
Nishimura Motohiko, Kawasaki Heavy Industry

DAY 2:

Industry and policy makers – expectations and requirements

Lessons learned from early markets:

Battery electric vehicle introduction  
Kouji Toyama, Principal, Roland-Berger

Hydrogen Station –related issue for market introduction

IEA Technology Roadmap on Hydrogen – Preliminary results and discussion of milestones
Alexander Körner, IEA

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