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IEA at COP26

Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow

Background information

The UN Climate Change Conference COP26 will take place under the Presidency of the United Kingdom and will be held in Glasgow, with support from the Co-Presidency of the Government of Italy, from 31 October - 12 November 2021.

The energy sector is responsible for almost three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions, but is also inseparable from the livelihoods and aspirations of people. The IEA is at the heart of the global dialogue on energy, providing stakeholders with authoritative analysis, data, policy advice and real-world solutions to reach a secure, equitable and sustainable energy future.

Through World Energy Outlook 2021 and Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector, IEA has detailed what is needed for governments, companies, investors and citizens to fully decarbonise the energy sector and put emissions on a path in line with a temperature rise within 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The IEA at COP26

The IEA is an admitted observer to UNFCCC negotiations at COP26

As an autonomous intergovernmental organisation with 30 member countries and 8 associate countries, the IEA contributes to the climate negotiations on the Paris Agreement rulebook and implementation guidelines, jointly with the OECD.

At COP26, the IEA will share its insights and expertise through diverse events to support countries in their efforts to implement nationally determined contributions and meet the long‑term objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Climate change is a global challenge, and a key priority for the IEA

IEA data, analysis and solutions provide support and guidance for countries on their energy transition pathways.

  1. The IEA can help countries understand the global state-of-play, opportunities and challenges in the energy space, thanks to our statistics and tracking mechanisms, such as CO2 status report and methane tracker.
  2. The IEA can help frame efforts in the context of sustainable energy pathways, through the Net Zero by 2050 Roadmap and World Energy Outlook.
  3. The IEA can guide and support countries to develop and implement sustainable policies including for decarbonising electricity, boosting innovation, tackling difficult sectors such as iron and steel, developing integrated policies, or improving energy access.

IEA Experts at COP26

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