Paris Time Event — Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

IEA at COP27: Global dialogue on the labour implications of a people-centred clean energy transition

Background information

Egypt Time, GMT +2: 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

In 2021, the IEA's Executive Director convened the Global Commission on People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions, an independent panel of 30 government and thought leaders who worked together to produce a series of actionable recommendations in advance of COP26 to examine good practice in ensuring clean energy policies are just, inclusive and people-centred. In 2022, building on the work of the Commission, the Agency convened a new IEA Clean Energy Labour Council, bringing together representatives of the world's most important national trade unions, to foster dialogue between the IEA, its stakeholders and the labour sector.

Drawing on successful examples from diverse countries, particularly South Africa, India and Indonesia, this event will explore some of the key labour implications at the heart of a people-centred clean energy transition. Most specifically, it will focus on best practices in employment support for communities and workers in the coal supply chain, including job creation programmes, mechanisms for reskilling, upskilling and redeployment.

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