Paris Time Event — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

IEA at COP28: Value chains, technologies and business models to accelerate decarbonisation of industry

Background information

Dubai time: 3 December 2023, 10:30-11:30.

Heavy industries account for around 6 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, more than one-sixth of total CO2 emissions from the global energy system. Decarbonising these industries is hence fundamental for keeping the 1.5° C target alive. The deployment of the close-to-zero emissions technologies needed for the transformation of industry requires innovation and incentives for scaling up, but also establishing value chains for critical solutions such as hydrogen and CCUS. Government policy can accelerate progress, including by reducing risks associated with developing new technologies and adopting mandatory CO2 emission reduction policies.

This event will discuss how increased collaboration among industrial producers, technology providers, governments and financial actors is fundamental to get efficient business models in place to drive down the green premium and rapidly accelerate early deployment.

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