Conference — Bali, Indonesia

IEA Contribution to G20 Energy in 2022

The G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting 2022

The government of Indonesia, which holds this year’s Presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20), invited the International Energy Agency to help shape G20 discussions on accelerating energy transitions by providing analysis and recommendations on net zero pathways, clean energy technologies, and investment and global energy markets and security.

In this role as a strategic partner to the government of Indonesia, the IEA also supported the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) on a series of G20 side events covering people-centred clean energy transitions, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), security of energy transitions, biofuels, energy efficiency, and clean energy investment and finance, jointly with other international organisations. See more information in the summary report by the Presidency: Summary of G20 2022 Energy Transitions Working Group Side Events.

The IEA is playing a critical role in the first ever G20 Energy Transitions Ministerial Meeting, held in Bali on 2 September 2022. IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol participated in the meeting, discussing the global energy outlook and energy security, and unveiling new analysis on Indonesia’s net zero pathways. These contributions were requested by the Indonesian Presidency and are reflected in the G20 Chair's Summary Energy Transitions Ministers Meeting 2022 and the following.

An Energy Sector Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions in Indonesia

To coincide with Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, the IEA developed a comprehensive report, An Energy Sector Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions in Indonesia, which charts a path for the country’s energy transition over the coming decades. The Roadmap sets out a viable pathway for Indonesia to reach net zero by 2060, with analysis that spans key areas such as energy security and affordability, phasing down coal use, people-centred transitions, investment and financing needs, and critical minerals. The report also examines a high-ambition pathway in which Indonesia reaches net zero by 2050.

The project was requested by the government of Indonesia and has been conducted in close collaboration with MEMR, demonstrating the strong cooperation between the IEA and Indonesia on energy transitions. IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol and Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif also signed a Joint High-Level Statement that sets out a shared vision of Indonesia’s path to net zero, drawing on the Roadmap’s findings.

Security of Clean Energy Transitions

The government of Indonesia asked the IEA to provide insights to update the G20 energy collaboration principles, adopted at the G20 Energy and Climate Ministerial in Naples in 2021 (known as the Naples principles). The resulting report, Security of Clean Energy Transitions, examines the evolving nature of energy security in the context of clean energy transitions in general and on the pathway to net zero emissions in particular. In the light of the 2022 global energy crisis, it highlights emerging energy security concerns and provides key recommendations and advice to strengthen emergency responses and boost international collaboration, notably among the G20. The IEA presented options for the G20 to adopt swift and collective response to deal with the global energy crisis discussions in the run up to the G20 Summit in Bali.

G20 Finance Track

Under the G20 finance track, the IEA supported discussions on the role of people-centred transitions on the pathway to net zero. Building on its work with the Global Commission on People-Centred Transitions, the IEA laid out recommendations at the Policy Levers Forum on 13 June 2022 in Bali, ahead of the third G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group. The IEA provided the G20 with policy insights and advice on how to boost just transitions, green investment, and the role of finance in the pathway towards net zero emissions.

Engagement with the B20

The IEA Director for Energy Security and Energy Markets participated in the B20-G20 Dialogue: Energy, Sustainability, and Climate Task Force on 30 August 2022, discussing G20 crisis response in the light of the global energy crisis.