Paris Time Webinar

IEA - High-level expert consultation on digitalisation, energy efficiency and smart grids - morning session

Webinar recording

This webinar will provide an opportunity for global experts and stakeholders to share real-world experiences in smarter low-carbon electricity systems, and discuss best practices in policies, business models and technology deployment for smart grids to unlock the cost-effective potential of system-wide energy efficiency. The discussion will inform the IEA’s expanding work on digitalisation, efficiency and grids, in particular the special focus on grids in the World Energy Outlook 2020. Presentations will be followed by Q&A.


In light of the surging global demand for electricity, increased focus on decarbonisation, changes in the electricity mix and demand patterns, there is an urgent need to focus on power system modernisation and resilience. Recent developments in end-use technologies and digitalisation create new opportunities for power systems to transform and become multi-directional, responsive and integrated. In this context, energy efficiency and demand response can play a decisive role in supporting resilience, providing flexibility and lowering investment requirements. However, to make the most out of the opportunities offered by the smart grid, an integrated policy framework, a rethink of current market designs, innovative business models and ecosystems is needed.