Workshop — Beijing, China

IEA-MOST Workshop: Advances in deployment of fossil fuel technologies


The IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels (WPFF) and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) jointly organised the workshop on "Advances in Deployment of Fossil Fuel Technologies". This was the third joint workshop organised by the WPFF and MOST since 2010. Around 80 Chinese and international experts attended.

Workshop sessions covered:

  • unconventional oil and gas
  • production of liquid and gaseous fuels from coal, and  
  • carbon capture, utilisation and storage

With their links to energy security, economic development and environmental awareness, these topics lie at the heart of the IEA’s dialogue and the WPFF’s strategy. Moreover, they are fitting topics for global engagement. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the developmental status and recent progress made on each. While discussions predominantly focused on technology, it was important also to advance and to share understanding of the economic drivers, the potential environmental impacts and the policy implications.  

Tuesday, 24 June 2014
Chairs: CAO Xuejun & Jostein DAHL KARLSEN


Session 1: Opening Session

Chairs: XU Guangwen & Keith BURNARD

Formal opening remarks - China
Mr. CHEN Linhao, Deputy Director-General, Department of International Cooperation, MOST

Formal opening remarks - IEA
Mr. Jean-François GAGNÉ, Head of Energy Technology Policy Division, IEA

Keynote presentations
Recent trends in energy technology and policy
Mr. Jean-François GAGNÉ, IEA

Future Outlook of China’s energy science and technologies
Mr. ZHENG Fangneng, Head of Division of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization, MOST 


Session 2: Unconventional oil and gas

Chairs: LI Wenhua & Hubert HÖWENER

Unconventional gas development mitigating environmental risk
Mr. Paul DOUCETTE, IEA GOT IA Operating Agent

Advances of underground coal gasification technology
Mr. LIANG Jie, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

Mr. XU Guangwen, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

China shale gas development perspectives
Mr. YANG Yufeng, Energy Research Institute/NDRC

Development and utilisation of CBM
Mr. SHEN Baohong, China Coal
Technology & Engineering Group


Session 3: Coal-based clean future fuels

Coal to chemicals challenges in developing countries
Mr. Andrew MINCHENER, General Manager, IEA Clean Coal Centre

Recent Progress of Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Project
Mr. SHU Geping, General Manager, China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co.

XtL: Development of synthesis fuels in Europe and South Africa
Mr. Robert PARDEMANN, University of Freiberg

Current development situation of coal-to-gas in China
Mr. LI Chunqi, Datang International Chemical Technology Research Institute 


Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Chairs: REN Xiangkun & Jarad DANIELS

Session 4: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

Current development situation of coal-to-gas in China
Mr. REN Xiangkun, Beijing Baoju Energy Technology Co.

CCUS moving ahead: Recent technical advances
Mr. John GALE, General Manager, IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme

CO2-EOR and storage in China
Mr. QIN Jishun, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development

CCUS achievements from large-scale testing
Mr. Frank MORTON, Director, Technology Development, US National Carbon Capture Center

Recap of workshop & closing remarks
Mr. Jostein DAHL KARLSEN & Mr. REN Xiangkun