Workshop — Mexico City, Mexico

IEA-SENER Joint Workshop


Agenda of the joint workshop.

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Module I: CCS as an emissions Mitigation Technology

1.   CCS in a Global Climate Change Contest; Denis Best, IEA

2.   The role for CCS in Mexico's National Energy Strategy; Leonardo Beltran, SENER

Module II: CCS Value Chain and Cost

Understanding costs across capture, transport and storage; Sean McCoy, IEA

CCS in industry sectors and niche markets; Tom Mijunda, Energy Center of the Netherlands

CCS in Mexico and associated costs; Rodolfo Lacy, Centro Mario Molina

Costs and experience on CO2 storage, monitoring, reporting and verification; John Tombari, Schlumberger Carbon Services

Module III: CCS Policy Strategy and Incentives

Incentive policy mechanisms and strategy - current practice and future options - Sean McCoy, IEA

Global Financing solutions and experience, Luis Herrera Fallas, Undersecretariat of Hydrocarbons

EOR as a Driver for CCS Projects in Mexico; Fernando Rodríguez de la Garza and Victor Arana Ortiz

Module IV: Regulation – Requirements for Enabling Safe and Effective CCS

High-level objectives for policy and regulation of CCS; Dennis Best, IEA

A global survey of approaches to regulating geological storage activities and discussion of MRV; Sean McCoy, IEA

Approaches to regulating EOR as geologic storage; Mike Fernandez is the Director of CCS Policy, Alberta Energy

Existing law and regulation that may impact geological storage in Mexico; Alma Escamilla Ministry of Environment