Paris Time Workshop

India Bioenergy Workshop: Current status in India and international experience in deploying biogas and MSW-to-energy

Background information

Modern bioenergy, such as biogas and MSW-to-energy, brings many benefits such as enhancing energy security, generating revenue and reducing greenhouse gas emissions when substituting for fossil fuels or replacing inefficient waste management practices. In the IEA sustainable development scenario modern bioenergy grows by 75% in India over the next decade with biogas and biomethane growing nearly 20 times to provide heat, generate electricity and fuel vehicles.

This workshop, co-organised by the IEA, India's Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Council on Energy Environment and Water (CEEW), aims to draw learnings from international experiences in innovative policymaking and technology developments for accelerating the deployment of biogas and MSW-to-energy and explore how they can be applied to overcome the challenges in the Indian bioenergy sector. 

The workshop will bring together international and Indian bioenergy experts to answer questions such as:

  1. What is the current status of biogas and MSW-to-energy in India in terms of deployment, challenges to date and policies?
  2. What is the potential role of biogas and MSW-to-energy in India in terms of energy potential, deployment potential and future policies?
  3. What government actions, such as policies, technology support and regulations, have been most successful at accelerating the deployment of biogas and MSW-to-energy in leading countries?
  4. What biogas and MSW-to-energy technologies have proved most successful in countries with high-levels of biogas and MSW-to-energy deployment?
  5. What international examples are most relevant to helping accelerate biogas and MSW-to-waste technologies in India?

This workshop is supported through the IEA Clean Energy Transitions Programme.