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27 Nov 2012 Paris Time Workshop — Beijing, China

Integrated Approaches to Energy Technologies


The Network of Expertise in Energy Technology (NEET) builds on the expertise of the multilateral technology initiatives supported by the IEA (formally called Implementing Agreements) and links with key partner countries, the international business community, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders. It works to raise awareness of these international research groups and to facilitate broader participation.

As part of the dialogue, the NEET initiative works with key partner countries and regions interested in order to addresses their energy technology needs, to identify areas of mutual interest and potential future collaboration.

In this regional Asian NEET workshop “Integrated Approaches to Energy Technologies”, hosted by the Ministry for Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Implementing Agreements provided insight into the ways in which their work contributes to the two sessions:

  • Energy Security, Economic Growth and Environmental Protection - focusing on sustainable supply, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and socio-economic issues.
  • Creating the Right Policy Frameworks – guidelines and tools for policy makers in designing in energy efficient communities, transport and greenhouse gas emissions, and long-term strategies and planning.



Opening remarks
Mr. Li Xin, Director, Division of International Organizations and Conferences, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R. China
Mr. Ulrich Benterbusch, Director, Global Energy Policy, International Energy Agency
Mr. Peter Cunz, Chair, Committee on Energy Research and Technology (Swiss Federal Office of Energy)


How Efficiency Improvements Reduce CO2 Emissions in Coal-fired Power Plants
Nigel Dong, Power Generation Specialist, Clean Coal Centre IA

Carbon Capture, Monitoring and Risk Assessment
John Gale, Manager, Greenhouse Gas IA

Socio-economic Drivers  to  Biomass Markets and Trade
Jonathan Male, Executive Committee Member, Bioenergy IA

Sustainable, Available Electricity Generation
Chris Bromley, (Chair, Geothermal IA


Reducing Particulate Emissions: the Growing Demand for Alternative Fuels
Nils-Olof Nylund, Vice‑Chair, Advanced Motor Fuels IA

International Benchmarking to Inform Product Policy
Stuart Jeffcott, Operating Agent, Mapping and Benchmarking, 4E IA

Energy Efficient Communities: Strategic Guidance for Urban Decision-Makers
Yi Jiang, Operating Agent, Buildings and Community Systems IA

Policy Analyses Tools for Global Sustainability
Brian O'Gallachoir, Executive Committee Member, Energy Technology Systems Analysis IA