Workshop — Paris, France

InterEnerStat Meeting



Opening - Background - Objectives

Session 1: Where do we stand on the harmonisation of definitions process?
IEA - InterEnerStat

Session 2: Progress towards the harmonisation of energy questionnaires?
IEA - Revised IEA-Eurostat-UNECE questionnaires

Session 3: How do organisations train their member countries and economies?
IEA - IEA’s Approach to Energy Statistics Training

Session 4: Brainstorming: How can we further cooperate for further improving training, individually and cooperatively?
IEA - Improve training individually and collectively

Session 5: After harmonisation of definitions, after harmonisation of questionnaires, after having increased synergy for training, what else can be done to ease the reporting of countries while improving the quality of energy statistics?
IEA - And now what, or what else?