Workshop — Mexico City, Mexico

International Workshop on Smart Grids with Focus on Latin America and the Caribbean


26-28 March 2012, Mexico City Mexico

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Workshop project summary 


Session 1: Opening remarks 
Chair Ms. Luz Aurora Ortíz, Director General of Electric Power Distribution and Supply, and Nuclear Resources, SENER

  • “Welcome to Mexico and the Mexican distribution network challenge”: Jaime Gonzalez Aguadé, Undersecretary of Electricity, SENER
  • Introduction to the IEA and How2Guides ”: Ambassador Richard H. Jones, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency
  • “Smart Grid drivers and opportunities”: Michele De Nigris, Chair of ISGAN

Session 2: How2Guide concept and workshop objectives

How2Guide concept and workshop objectives, Alex Murley, IEA

Session 3: Drivers for Smart Grids deployment in the distribution system

Drivers for Smart Grids deployment in the distribution system, David Elzinga, IEA

Session 4: Technology grouping

Technology grouping, Doug Houseman, Enernex

Session 5: Distributed generation in the distribution system

Smart Grids Vision and Trends, Gary Rackliffe, ABB

Session 6: Customer relationship and demand response

Colin Calder, Passiv Systems

Session 7: Reduction of losses in the system

Mexican experience in reduction of energy losses, Moises Rodriguez, CFE

Session 8: Operations

Session 9: Planning and development tools

Planning and development tools, Steve Widergren, PNNL

Session 10: Smart Grids scenario pathways (part 1)

Session 11: Smart Grids scenario pathways (part 2)

Latin America and Caribbean focus on Smart Grids

Grid impact from variable renewables and electric vehicles

Policies and programs to integrate high penetration of variable renewable energy, Charles Newcomb, NREL 
Global challenges of electric vehicle integration, Matt Futch, IBM 
Interplay and synergy between renewable energy resources and electric vehicles, DJ Kang, KERI 
Impact of electric vehicles, Abraham Escudero, CFE

Loss reduction and rural electrification

Addressing the challenge of losses in Jamaica, Douet Stennett, Jamaica Ministry of Energy and Mining
Mexican experience in reduction of energy losses, Moises Rodriguez, CFE 
Energy for all: Rising to the challenge of energy poverty in Asia and Pacific, Pil Bae Song, ADB 
Loss reduction and rural electrification, Fernando Díaz, Secretaría Nacional de Energía, Panama