Workshop — Rome, Italy

Knowledge Building on Women in Clean Energy


Approved by the member countries of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in June 2017, the Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Technology Collaborative Program (C3E-TCP) aims to strengthen the role of women in clean energy sector (renewable energies, energy efficiency and low carbon technologies) which remains one of the most gender imbalanced sector.

Removing barriers toward women’s active participation in sectors where they typically have been under-represented, such as the clean energy sector, requires the implementation of concrete actions in specific areas, as they are indicated by C3E TCP: knowledge, career development, awards programmes and dialogue. State-of-the-art knowledge represents a key point in the decision making process. Currently, there is only limited gender-disaggregated data regarding the clean energy sector and there is limited knowledge about how to make the sector more gender balanced.

This workshop, hosted by Italy in collaboration with the IEA, aims to share experiences on data collection and methods of assessment to analyse gender diversity as well as the employment opportunities to women offered by the energy transition.

The involvement of Governments, international organisations, private companies, education and research institutions allows us to identify priorities and recommendations to overcome the gender gap in the clean energy sector.


Welcome message
-  Ilaria Bertini, Deputy Chair of Energy Efficiency Department, ENEA (Italy)
-  Massimo Gaiani, Director General for Global Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
-  Monica Parrella, Director General, Office for Interventions on Equality and Equal Opportunities, Department for Equal Opportunities, Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Italy)

SESSION 1 - The Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Initiative
-  Annette Hollas, Chair C3E TCP, Manager, International Engagement, Natural Resources (Canada)

SESSION 2 - Policies and initiatives to attract and support the promotion of women in the clean energy sector
Moderator: Giovanna Declich, Founder, K&I Conoscenza e innovazione (Italy)

Kimberly C. Ballou, Senior International Relations Specialist, Department of Energy (USA)
-  Rishabh Kumar Dhir, Technical Officer, Gender, Equality and Diversity Branch (GED), International Labour Organization (ILO)
-  Rabia Ferroukhi, Deputy Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre, IRENA
Sabine Mitter, Austrian Federal Ministry for transport, innovation, technologies (Austria)
-  Alexandra Nowak, Program Specialist, Department of Energy’s office at the OECD Mission (USA)
-  Nicole Thomas, Counsellor, OECD Delegation, Department of the Environment and Energy (Australia)

SESSION 3 - The experience of women involved in the clean energy sector
Moderator: Marina Leonardi, Head of the international relations Unit, ENEA (Italy)

-  Anna Bassu, Renewable Energies, O&M Hydro Italy, ENEL S.p.A. (Italy)
Soma Dutta, Senior Technical Advisor, Women's Economic Empowerment Programme, International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy (India)
-  Christine Lins, Founding Member GWNET, Global Women’s Network for the Energy Transition
-  Elin Löfblad, Head of Distributed Energy at OX2 Group (Sweden)
-  Elisabeth Marabwa, Programmes & Projects Management Office, Department of Energy (South Africa)

Coffee Break

Women in Clean Energy: Knowledge gap and opportunities
Elena De Luca, ExCo C3E TCP, Researcher, ENEA (Italy)

SESSION 4 - Tools and methods to assess women workforce in clean energy at country level
Moderator: Filomena Maggino, Professor, Dept. of Statistical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)

Bipasha Baruah, Canada Research Chair in Global Women's Issues, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Martina Estreen, Programme Manager, Swedish Energy Agency (Sweden)
-  Branislava Jovicic, Communications Consultant & Project Manager for BGEN and WISE SEE (Serbia)
Francesca Zajczyk, Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Research, Bicocca University (Italy)


SESSION 5 - Gender evaluation methodologies and data at the international level
Moderator: Alicia Mignone, CERT Chair, Directorate for Global Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (Italy)

Stefania Bracco, Expert in energy-smart agrifood value chain, Climate and Environment Division (CBC), FAO
-  Lucia Fort, Senior Gender and Social Development Advisor, World Bank Group
-  Scott Foster, Director, Sustainable Energy, UNECE
-  Valerie Geen, Senior Energy Policy and Implementation Advisor, UNIDO (South Africa)
-  Caroline McGregor, Lead Energy Access and Gender Specialist Sustainable Energy for All, SE4ALL, WD

SESSION 6 – Presentation of a new C3E campaign on public-private framework for gender diversity
The participants will have the opportunity to react to the proposal from C3E on setting up a new framework to help guide actions relating to gender-diversity for companies, governments, and organizations in the energy sector.
Moderator: Per-Anders Widell, Vice Chair C3E TCP, Deputy Director, Ministry of the Environment and Energy (Sweden), Annette Hollas, Chair C3E TCP, Manager, International Engagement, Natural Resources (Canada)

-  Federica Angelantoni, CEO, Angelantoni Industrie S.r.l. (Italy)
-  Mariarosa Baroni, Chairman, NGV Italy (Italy) (tbc)
-  Claudia Bettiol, Chairman, EZ-Energies GmbH (Germany)
-  Iris Flacco, Board of Directors, FEDARENE European Federation of Agencies and Regions for energy and the environment
-  Giulia Genuardi, Head of Sustainability Planning and Performance Management, ENEL S.p.A. (Italy)
-  Manuela Giannatempo, Founder, SEI Servizi per l’Energia (Italy)
-  Fabiola Mascardi, Chairman, IREN Ambiente (Italy)
-  Rossella Pasqualicchio, Chairman, Lucky Wind (Italy)
-  Concetta Zullo, DG Energy Supply Security and Infrastructure, Ministry of Economic Development (Italy)
-  Representative of EDISON (Italy)
-  Representative of ENI (Italy)

Instant summary (key messages) of the Workshop
Cecilia Tam, Senior Energy Analyst, IEA