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Latin America Energy Outlook

Background information

By many indicators, the Latin America and Caribbean region stands out in the global energy sector. It’s home to extraordinary natural resources – both fossil fuels and renewable energy – and a significant share of the world’s critical minerals. Thanks to a history of policy innovation and determined pursuit of clean energy solutions, Latin America and Caribbean boasts one of the cleanest electricity mixes in the world. Now, as the region emerges from a period of sluggish economic growth, countries are looking to leverage those assets to achieve their national goals and improve the security and sustainability of energy around the world.

Our Latin America Energy Outlook, a World Energy Outlook (WEO) special report, is the first carried out for the region. It is an integral part of the IEA’s ever-growing cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean to support the planning and implementation of clean energy transitions. Based on a close dialogue with countries and partners across the region, the report highlights the multiple pathways ahead for the energy sector – identifying both opportunities and challenges, while providing insight on the interconnections between the outlook and global energy trends.

The special report shows that countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have both the resources and the resolve to get clean energy transitions right, delivering benefits to local communities while further boosting the region’s role in the global energy sector. It provides key recommendations for policy makers to fulfil their announced pledges in a secure and affordable manner and to prepare for the opportunities presented by global clean energy transitions.