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18 Dec 2017 Paris Time Webinar — Paris, France

Presentation: China Energy Outlook

Time: 3 PM - 4 PM CET

Speakers: Timur Guel and Kieran McNamara

This year, World Energy Outlook-2017 includes a focus on China to examine how the country’s choices could reshape the global outlook for all fuels and technologies.  China’s economic growth has shaped energy markets over the past two decades. Although its influence ranges across the energy spectrum, it has been felt most prominently in the coal and oil markets. But China is entering a new era of development as it transitions to a more services-based economic model and places emphasis on cleaner, more efficient energy technologies. China’s energy sector is moving in new directions.

This comprehensive report, which was first published as part of the IEA flagship publication World Energy Outlook-2017, contains an assessment of China’s rapidly changing economic and energy landscapes over the period to 2040.

In this webinar, focusing on China’s energy future, you will have the chance to hear from, and question, some of the leading WEO-2017 authors. We will also be responding to your questions and comments, submitted either online during the event or in advance by email to