Event — Katowice, Poland

Sectoral Deep Decarbonisation Addressing Climate Change

Time: 13:30-15:00

 China's power, steel, building materials, petrochemical and non-ferrous sectors are typical energy and emission intensive industries in China, and emission reductions of these key industries will have a major impact on global climate change. Promoting green and low- carbon development of key industries in China through various ways will help them to adopt a new clean development model and better respond to global climate change, such as to eliminate outdated capacity, implement sectoral low-carbonization in the whole process, increase support for scientific and technological research and development, and facilitate technology promotion and renewal. The side-event is co-sponsored by China Low Carbon Alliance and Tsinghua University and will invite representatives from industry associations, enterprises, universities and research institutions to discuss ways to better facilitate sectoral deep decarbonization.

Remarks and Keynote speeches

Moderator: ZHANG Jianyu, Secretary-General, China Low Carbon Alliance



Opening Remarks

(speaker tbc) Climate Change Department of Ministry of Ecology and Environment

HE Jiankun, Director of Academic Committee of the Institute of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of Tsinghua University, Former Deputy President of Tsinghua University

Keynote Speeches



Carbon market facilitates the transformation of China’s power sector


WANG Zhixuan, Vice President of China Electricity Council (CEC)


Utilizing green energy to initiate sector decarbonization new mechanism

YANG Hongbo, Deputy secretary-general of People’s Government of Yunnan

Province, Director of Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission

Modelling economic analysis of sectoral decarbonization in carbon market background

GU Alun, Associate Professor of the Institute of Energy, Environment and

Economy of Tsinghua University

Panel discussion

Moderator: ZHANG Jianyu, Secretary-General, China Low Carbon Alliance




1.      Status and achievements of sectoral energy saving and emission reduction

2.     How to link energy saving and emission reduction to carbon market system, and facilitate sectoral decarbonization through carbon market

3.     Effect of carbon price on sectoral decarbonization

4.      How can sectoral enterprises well perform decarbonization under carbon market mechanism


  • Ms. ZHANG Jingjie, Director of Environmental Protection and Climate Change Division, Ministry of Industry Development and Environmental Resources, China Electricity Council
  • SHAO Zhuqiang, Director of Science and Technology Department, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
  • ZHANG Jin, Deputy Secretary-General, Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Association of China Building Materials Federation
  • Ms. WENG Hui, Energy Conservation and Low Carbon Development Division, China, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
  • Pedro Piris-Cabezas, Senior Economist of Environmental Defense Fund
  • Ms. Caroline Lee, Energy Policy Analyst, IEA

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