System Resiliency and Flexibility




  • Opening remarks: Sabine Mitter, Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • Introduction to the EGRD: Birte Holst Jorgensen, EGRD Chair
  • Energy flexibility in Austria - in the Framework of a European energy transition, Wolfgang Hribernik, Austrian Institute of Technology

Session 1: Flexibility in sustainable energy systems

  • Flexibility for a sustainable energy system: outcomes of the recent EUWP workshop: Michele de Nigris, RSE
  • Energy flexible buildings - EBC TCP Annex 67: Soren Ostergaard Jensen, Teknologisk Institute
  • Flexibility needs in the future power system: Werner Friedl, ISGAN TCP/Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Energy flexibility, a framework and use-cases: Bram Sieben‌‌, Advisor to the Board at Alliander

Session 2: Practical experience with building flexibility into systems

  • Green Energy Lab: Demonstration projects and innovation paths for the flexible, customer-oriented energy system of tomorrow: Susanne Supper, Green Energy Lab
  • The potential of flexible thermal grids to decarbonise the heating sector: Stefano Coss, Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien
  • Choice of flexibility sources towards a 100% renewable based Nordic energy system: Klaus Skytte, Technical University of Denmark
  • Flexibility from the network: Puglia Active Network Project: Michele Giovannini, E-Distribuzione

Session 3: Challenges, obstacles and risks on the way to a resilient energy system

  • Risk and resilience assessment: key challenges from the European experience: Marcelo Masera, European Commissions
  • Resilient energy systems: risks and challenges: Jessica Lau, NREL
  • Smart grid cyber-resilience: Sebastian Lehnhoff, OFFIS e.V.
  • Britain's gas system, a case for educing flexibility to increase wider system resilience? Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham

Session 4: Flexible and resilient energy systems: towards R&D policies and decision making

  • Opportunities and challenges in the context of the coal phase-out in Germany: Arjuna Nebel, Wuppertal Institute
  • Learnings from the Hokkaido blackout: Manabu Nabeshima, ANRE/METI
  • Risks of natural gas exploration as one of the drivers for the energy transition in the Netherlands:Frank Witte, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
  • Italian strategy towards power system resilience and regulatory scenario: Emanuele Ciapessoni, RSE