TCP Universal Meeting 2023


Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs), a multilateral mechanism established by the International Energy Agency (IEA), have facilitated collaborative energy innovation for almost 50 years. Thousands of experts from governments and industries worldwide contribute to the unique breadth of technology and expertise within the IEA global innovation network, consisting of 39 TCPs. The 2023 TCP Universal Meeting will be held in person at the IEA Headquarters in connection with the CERT meeting on 24 October. 

Since 2015, the IEA has hosted biennial “Universal Meetings” of all TCPs. These meetings provide an opportunity for the Chairs and Secretaries of the TCPs to interact with each other, with the IEA Secretariat and with national delegates to the IEA's Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT) and its Working Parties.

Please note that attendance is by invitation only.