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  • Request data, interviews, or access the content of a report as a journalist

  • Reset a forgotten password

  • How many people can use the product that you have bought or subscribed to?

  • What are you allowed to do with IEA material, data or products?

  • Apply for a job at the IEA

  • Where do you find a full list of all IEA data products?

  • Find a full list of IEA products and services

  • Update your password when you are logged in

  • What are you allowed to do with a single user licence for a product or service?

  • How do you access a product or service you just purchased?

  • Set notifications about updates to data associated with your accounts

  • Download your data and understand IEA file formats (what is an IVT file?)

  • Access your data online through our Web Data Service (WDS) platform

  • Subscribe to the Oil Market Report (OMR)

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