Join the conversation on how to ensure people are at the heart of clean energy transitions

Global Commission of national leaders, ministers and top experts is seeking public input as it develops policy recommendations to help people navigate a rapidly evolving energy sector

The International Energy Agency is inviting input from people around the world on ways government can make their clean energy policies more inclusive and equitable in order to maximise the benefits for the public. The contributions will help to inform the work of the Global Commission for People-Centred Clean Energy Transitions.

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Established earlier this year and headed by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of Denmark, the Global Commission now has 29 members, including national leaders, ministers, top business executives and global thought leaders. They are examining how to enable citizens to benefit from the opportunities and navigate the disruptions inherent in the shift to a clean energy economy. The Commission will produce key recommendations in advance of COP26 in November.

As part of its activities, the Commission will host its first public webinar on 10 June at 14:00 CEST on the subject of Policies for People – Best practice in people centred policymaking. This livestreamed event will bring together Ministers from Canada, Senegal, Switzerland and Colombia, the European Commissioner for Energy, and six international experts. They will explore best practices in people-centred clean-energy transition policies.

The webinar will specifically discuss how clean energy transitions can provide higher levels of access for income generating activities and how to address specific gender and youth needs. It will also look at the pricing of clean energy transitions, and how gains and losses can be shared throughout society to better serve the common good.