Law on hydrocarbon resources

Last updated: 4 February 2022

This Law establishes the legal basis for relations arising in the process of exploration, production of hydrocarbon resources and other types of oil work in Turkmenistan, including the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea and is aimed at ensuring the rational use of hydrocarbon resources and preserving the natural resources of Turkmenistan for future generations.


The law establishes that hydrocarbon resources—both oil and gas—in their natural state are the property of the State and establishes a licensing scheme for exploration and production of petroleum resources.  The law outlines the process and basic terms for applying for an obtaining an exploration or production license.  The law also establishes the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources to implement the licensing scheme.  


Although methane is not explicitly mentioned, licenses may include specific obligations with respect to environmental protection, as well as for public safety and worker protection.  Further, the State Agency has the authority to give instructions and introduce restrictions for environmental protection and carry out environmental audits.  

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