Spain mobility stimulus - Vehicle Park renovation program (and car scrappage for efficient replacements)

Last updated: 19 July 2021

This measure aims to replace older vehicles with older models that are cleaner and safer, through a renovation program that incorporates environmental criteria. Applying the criterion of technological neutrality, this program encourages the replacement of polluting vehicles in circulation by zero or low emission vehicles. This program establishes an upper price limit for passenger cars of €35,000 (€45,000 in people with reduced mobility or vehicles with a “ZERO” label). In the case of passenger cars, the scrapping of a vehicle of at least 10 years old is compulsory, and the vehicle to be purchased must have an A or B energy label (45% more efficient supply) and emissions below 120 gCO2/km. Aid will vary depending on vehicle emissions, prioritizing the most efficient ones, and there will be additional aid for scrapping of vehicles over 20 years, beneficiaries with reduced mobility or those that belong to households with monthly income of less than 1,500 euros.

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