Clean Growth Strategy and Industrial Strategy

Last updated: 1 July 2020

The 2017 UK Clean Growth Strategy includes several key actions related to CCUS and achieving the UK’s fifth carbon budget.


In particular, the UK aims to “demonstrate international leadership in carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS), by collaborating with [their] global partners and investing up to £100 million in leading edge CCUS and industrial innovation to drive down costs; work in partnership with industry, through a new CCUS Council, to put [them] on a path to meet [their] ambition of having the option of deploying CCUS at scale in the UK, and to maximise its industrial opportunity; develop [their] strategic approach to greenhouse gas removal technologies, building on the government’s programme of research and development and addressing the barriers to their long term deployment.”


The UK government has additionally established a CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce, which recommended the Government commit to having at least two CCUS clusters operational from the mid-2020s, and established a Ministerial-led CCUS Council. It has also made funding available for a variety of innovation and deployment initiatives related to CCUS, including an international programme and an initiative focused on CO2 use.

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