Decree No. 84-CP 1996, detailing the implementation of the Petroleum Law

Last updated: 22 February 2022

This decree applies to activities of prospecting and exploring oil and gas, developing oil and gas fields, and exploiting oil and gas, including processing, gathering, storing and transporting operations until end use.


Is establishes the need for organisations to submit to the competent agency the following documents before conducting oil and gas activities:

  • An environmental impact assessment;
  • A program on safety management and risk evaluation alongside actions to minimize risks identified;
  • A plan for contingencies and accidents, including planned technical measures, procedures, equipment and tools to address incidents.


It also requires developers to carry out a program to monitor environmental change, an environment protection plan and to take measures to prevent and mitigate pollution in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection.


Furthermore, the decree outlines conditions related to reporting, applicable royalties, inspection powers and pertaining sanctions. It also indicates that the oil and gas management agency shall issue guiding documents, regulations and technical criteria on oil and gas prospection, exploration and exploitation.


With regards to methane provisions, it states that the Vietnamese Government shall be entitled to use, free of charge, the associated gas which the contractor intends to flare - provided that this does not obstruct the contractor’s activities. Moreover, it asserts that associated gas can be flared only when so permitted by the oil and gas management agency. Also, the regulation indicates that reports submitted must include information on the volume of oil and gas used for exploration as well as the volume of oil and gas lost or burnt.

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