Law 07/2014 on Environmental Protection

Last updated: 3 May 2022

This law defines the principles and means of environmental protection in Gabon, including the preservation and sustainable use of natural resources, pollution control, environmental education, and environmental information and monitoring. It refers to a series of pertaining plans and tools, such as a climate action plan, a national environmental plan and an environmental information system.


The regulation establishes the requirement of conducting an environmental impact assessment for developments that may harm the environment. This supports the necessary project appraisal with due public consultation. There are also provisions concerning auditing, information provision, sanctions, and transitory dispositions.


This legislation does not mention methane in particular but states that significant developments must minimise and compensate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Furthermore, it defines that all operators shall compile their GHG emissions to enable inventorying and to ensure climate change mitigation. 


This law also refers to air quality standards, emissions monitoring, inventorying of air pollutants, air monitoring as well as requirements related to waste reduction and reuse.

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