Energy Assistance Scheme

Last updated: 1 July 2021

The Energy Assistance Scheme is available to households who are most vulnerable to fuel poverty. The measures offered under the Energy Assistance Scheme are available to homeowners and tenants of private sector landlords who are not eligible for the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland Affordable Warmth scheme. Householders must also be aged 60 or over and have no central heating in their home or live in energy inefficient homes and be in one of these groups: is aged 60 or over and receives a qualifying benefit; has a child under 16 and receives a qualifying benefit; is pregnant and receives a qualifying benefit; is terminally ill or disabled and receives a qualifying benefit; or is in receipt of Carers allowance.


Depending on individual circumstances, the package may consist of but is not limited to: installation of a new central heating system including, where appropriate, air source heat pumps; a new boiler; draughtproofing; internal or external wall insulation; cavity wall insulation; loft insulation; room thermostats and heating controls and insulation of tanks and pipes.

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