Decree Law No. 4 of 1977 on Preserving Petroleum Resources

Last updated: 23 December 2020

This regulation states that oil operations and related projects shall be carried out following the prevailing technical norms and standards in the oil industry, taking into account measures needed for safety and pollution control. Operations must follow best practices for optimal exploitation and development of oil resources and prevent their loss, damage or waste.


Furthermore, operators must take all necessary safeguards and procedures to prevent environmental pollution and waste, damage or danger to human life, natural resources, property and other parts of the natural or built environment. Thus, all machinery, equipment and substances used in oil operations shall comply with acceptable international specifications.


The regulation determines that proponents shall, prior to commencing any projects, submit to Qatar Petroleum a detailed description of the project. Considering this comprehensive study and related documents, the administration shall issue a recommendation with reasons for approving, disapproving or amending the project.


The law also requires operators to submit to Qatar Petroleum detailed information about the execution of the different phases of the project, including pertaining programs, reports, data and other related information.

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