A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy - Climate resilience and biodiversity

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 2 September 2021

One of the five pillars of the CAD 15 billion "A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy" climate plan, announced in December 2020, is a collection of actions focused on nature-based solutions to climate resilience and mitigation.


The announced policies include measures to:

- Invest up to CAD 3.16 billion over 10 years to plant two billion trees, partnering with provinces, territories, NGOs, Indigenous communities, municipalities, private landowners, and others.

- Invest up to CAD 631 million over 10 years to to restore and enhance wetlands, peatlands, grasslands and agricultural lands to boost carbon sequestration, working with provinces, territories, conservation organizations, Indigenous communities, private landowners, and others.

- Provide CAD 98.4 million over 10 years to establish a new Natural Climate Solutions for Agriculture Fund. This fund will leverage CAD 85 million in existing programming and will be guided by a new Canadian Agri-Environmental Strategy.

- Continue to support partnerships with Indigenous communities across the country through the establishment of new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and Indigenous Guardians programs.


August 2021: the government announced new trees planted in several Canadian regions

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