Australian Climate Solutions Package - Energy Efficiency

Last updated: 5 April 2022

As part of the Australian AUD 3.5 billion Climate Solution Package:     


- AUD 21.4 million has been provided for measures in building energy efficiency which will support the HomeBuilder program by providing information and upskilling training to enable industry to support industry to deliver low and zero energy homes and commercial buildings. A series of training resources has recently been released to support the industry and capitalise on any downtime during COVID-19.     

- AUD 40 million of grants through the Energy Efficient Communities Program to assist businesses and community organisations to invest in energy efficient practices and technologies and reduce their power bills.     

- AUD 11.7 million Business Energy Advice Program which delivers trusted advice to help small businesses and their representatives get better energy deals and increase their energy efficiency.     

- Funding is also supporting further work on energy rating labels on appliances and equipment allow consumers to compare the running costs of different models and the financial savings of buying a more efficient appliance.

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