Defining Zero-emission energy

Last updated: 15 June 2021
The Ministries of Mines and Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development signed the resolution which defines zero or low emissions energy sources to be considered as "clean fuels" for more sustainable and cleaner transportation in the country. Hydrogen and electric energy for mobility have been categorized as "zero-emission energy", while natural gas, LPG, gasoline, ethanol and their mixtures with a maximum sulphur content of 50 ppm, diesel, and biodiesel and its mixtures with a maximum sulphur content of 50 ppm were cathegorized as "low emissions".Nota: Currently, mobile sources contribute to 80% of atmospheric particles emissions, and the remaining 20% ??is attributed to stationary sources. The second resolution allows voluntary superior biodiesel blends for their use exclusively in motor vehicles or land mobile sources to contribute to sustainable mobility. In 2020, diesel blends were 10% biodiesel.

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