National Low-Carbon Strategy

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 10 February 2022

The previous version of the low carbon strategy is currently being modified to become more ambitious. The initial document included cross-sectoral measures for GHG emissions reduction (energy and resource efficiency, best available technologies etc) and an increase of their sequestration by natural systems.

Under the new strategy - to be approved by the cabinet - Russia aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 79% by 2050 in an "intensive" scenario which serves as its base case. The plan includes shifting electric power generation from coal-based power plants to gas turbines, nuclear, hydroelectric and renewable power facilities. The adoption of the plan also aims to slow the decline of Russia's oil and gas exports, by including products with greater added value in the mix and making Russian hydrocarbons more competitive. Under the plan, emissions will peak in 2030 and start to decline afterwards.

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