Law N. 1964 for EV and net zero vehicles

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 11 February 2022

The purpose of this Law is to generate schemes to promote the use of electric and zero-emission vehicles.


Users of electric vehicles will have a tax of 1% of the commercial value of the vehicle. Additionally, a discount on tariffs to apply to the technic-mechanical monitoring of 10%. Mobility restrictions established by the local authorities won't be applicable. 


Public entities and commercial establishments are obligated to save at least 2% of the parking lot space available for preferential use of electric vehicles. 


Additionally, a 6-year term was established for the National Government and the public transport service providers to reach a minimum of 30% of electric vehicles in its fleets. The cities with massive public transport should create public policies and actions aiming to ensure a percentage of electric vehicles on its float, and for 2035 the 100% of the purchased vehicles must be electric. 


In the 3 years that follows the enforcement of the Law, the municipalities of special categories should ensure in their territories at least 5 fast charging stations in functional conditions. The construction of these fast charging stations may be made through the figure of public-private partnerships. In the case of Bogota D.C, there should be at least 20 fast charging stations in the territory. 



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