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Korean New Deal 10 key projects – Smart and green industrial complexes

Last updated: 4 April 2022

Among the 10 key projects of the Korean New Deal, one is related to building smart and green industries. To do so, the government intends to:
 - Build smart energy platforms which control energy generation and consumption in real time   

- Build 100 eco-factories, which produce a minimum level of pollutants through recycling, as well as 1,750 clean factories   

- Promote recycling between manufacturers within an industrial complex (81 by 2025)    

- Help 9,000 small manufacturers with installing fine dust reduction systems    

- Set up smart industrial complexes (15 by 2025) with simulation centers to test manufacturing processes and adopt remote monitoring systems against the releases of toxic chemical substances, which use AI and drones        


As part of reaching its carbon neutral target, the government selected Gyeonggi (Banwol Sihwa National Industrial Complex), Gyeongnam  (Changwon National Industrial Complex), Busan (Myongji Noksan National Industrial Complex), Ulsan (Mipo National Industrial Complex), Jeonbuk (Gunsan National Industrial Complex) as a reserve area for renovation. The final confirmation will come in December 2021.


A total of 2.1 trillion won (1.6 trillion won from fiscal investment) will be invested, creating 17,000 jobs, and by 2025 a total of 4.0 trillion won (3.2 trillion won from fiscal investment) will be invested, creating 33,000 jobs.

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