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Korean New Deal 10 key projects – Eco-friendly mobility of the future

Last updated: 8 July 2021

 Among the 10 key projects of the Korean New Deal, one aims to develop electric and hydrogen mobility. To do so, the government is focusing on:


    • Electric cars:  A total of 1,130,000 vehicles to be supplied, as well as charging equipment  
    • Hydrogen fuel cell cars:  A total of 200,000 vehicles to be supplied, along with the stable supplies of hydrogen fuel  
    • Old diesel vehicles:  Promote scrapping of old diesel vehicles, including construction vehicles and farm machines  
    • Old vessels:  Promote replacement with LNG vessels and use diesel particulate filters (DPF) for public vessels  
    • R&Ds for future cars:  Develop parts for future electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell systems and fuels for eco-friendly vessels


A total of 8.6 trillion won (5.6 trillion won from fiscal investment) will be invested by 2022, creating 52,000 jobs, and by 2025 a total of 20.3 trillion won (13.1 trillion won from fiscal investment) will be invested, creating 151,000 jobs.

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