Funding for business-led research partnerships for new technologies

Last updated: 12 July 2021

UK's leading businesses and research institutions will join force to develop technologies that will drive economic growth and create highly skilled local jobs. The business-led partnership will be funded by a GBP 75 million joint investment from the govenrment, business, and academia.


Innovations receiving funding today include:


- EDF, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, Imperial College London and the Science and Technology Facilities Council

The project will develop the components of digital twins – virtual models of physical entities – that can be used to assess the condition of components of energy generators such as nuclear power plants, and their need for maintenance or remedial work. This will help in the delivery and operation of major low-carbon energy generation buildings.


- Lubrizol and the Universities of Nottingham and Warwick

The project aims to decarbonise the speciality chemicals industry. Through chemicals company Lubrizol's unique smart molecule design and energy resilient processes, it will use its chemistry to reduce the carbon footprints of everyday consumer products such as soaps, athletic wear, medicines and cars.


- Shell, Imperial College London and Diamond Light Source

The path to net-zero CO2 requires both innovation and optimisation of new technologies across the energy cycle from generation to storage, as well in mitigation such as carbon capture. This partnership aims to improve the efficiency, stability and longevity of systems by controlling the complex interfaces – the area where 2 interacting substances meet – on which these technologies rely.

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