Funding for low greenhousegas (GHG) vehicle technologies research, development, demonstration and deployment

Last updated: 12 July 2021

The "Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for Low greenhouse gas (GHG) vehicle technologies research, development, demonstration and deployment"  provides USD 62.7 million for R&D in low carbon vehicle technologies and fuels, and the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure and charging.  


The grant opportunity is divided into 8 topic areas:     

1 - Electric vehicle charging community partner projects (USD 20 million)  

2 - Electric vehicle workplace charging (USD 4 million)  

3 - Reducing the cost of DC fast charging equipment (USD 10 million)  

4a - Research to transform the efficiency of off-road vehicles (USD 5 million)  

4b - Electrified construction vehicle research, development, and validation (USD 5 million)  

5 - Natural gas engine enabling technologies (USD 6.25 million)  

6 - Dymethyl ether and propane engine enabling technologies (USD 5 million)  

7 - Integrated hybrid system with opposed piston 2-stroke (USD 5 million)  

8 - Natural gas vehicle technology proof of concept (USD 2.5 milllion)     


The objective is to foster energy efficiency, cost and emissions reduction of vehicles as well as to improve air quality and mobility in the U.S.

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